Executive Leasing

Executive Leasing provides your business with the flexibility of having access to an experienced, highly qualified staff member that can join your team as quickly and efficiently as possible.You have full control over timeframes and duration of the lease to best suit your requirements. This can be for operational projects, senior staff member maternity cover, internal staff re-development, senior staff on annual or sickness leave or seasonal production peaks.


All Executive staff charges are tax deductible and come without the hassle of having to deal with PAYE and ACC payments and returns. Executive Lease staff will give you access to qualified and fresh ideas and supply your business with higher productivity. The Executive staff member will be adaptable in a variety of assignments with the cost discontinuing as soon as you no longer required the person.

How do I prepare to take up Executive Leasing?

  • Explain specific job requirements to us.
  • Have an idea of how long you’ll need an executive so that one person can stay and complete the entire assignment.
  • Arrange for one person to direct the executive and answer any queries.
  • Contact Advanced Personnel to get the “right” person for the assignment.