Job Seekers Info

We are unable to locate jobs for people who are not legally entitled to live and work in New Zealand.

We are in the business of finding people Temporary or Permanent employment.

  • There is NO CHARGE for our service in finding applicants temporary or permanent positions.
  • We charge the company that employs you, in accordance with the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA) code of conduct.


After completing education, every person aspires to a good job/career. From this point through to retirement it remains important to find out what options are available to you when seeking employment.

Our business is to assist Job Seekers find the right opportunities while being treated with integrity, respect and professionalism. Advanced Personnel is a Temporary On-Hire and Permanent Recruitment agency with a nationwide database of employers who are looking to hire permanent, temporary, part time and full time staff.

We will deliver a practised and supportive service to help you through the process. We understand if you haven’t done this in a long time looking for a job can be daunting. Equally if you are familiar with the process, you’ll know job-hunting can be time consuming and even nerve-racking if you are currently employed.

With that in mind we want to work alongside you and be the link to finding the right employment option that will provide you with the means to achieve your own goals. With globalization of the employment scene, what was the definitive black and white area of supply and demand within many industries has now become a large grey-zone of opportunities. Knowing where to look is our specialty. Whether you are starting your career, thinking about changing jobs mid-way through or wanting to pass on years of experience prior to retirement, we want to hear from you.

We have one of the most sophisticated computer databases in New Zealand which can be accessed by our nationwide Recruitment Consultants 24/7, providing immediate access at hand of all your details. They specialise within our dedicated Business Divisions providing you access to the best recruitment services available. We will work with you to market your skills and assist you with local knowledge; markets, employment, education, work and immigration if required.