“Cameron exceeded expectations. Solid worker with a strong understanding of the industry. Came in and spent his down time cleaning the kitchen and helped to point out a couple of shortfalls by our own chiefs. Which was great as I don’t have a strong food background. If our other chief continues to be away I will call midweek to get him back if he is available. “

(Christchurch Client)

John worked for us from 730-1600 today. He was awesome and we would definitely use him again. You made things really easy for us.

(Christchurch Client)
“We are proud to have Advanced Personnel as our recruitment partners. We have ramped up our usages of their staff due to quick turnaround time and their ability to service our staffing needs. They are one of the few consultants who spend time with us and are not just after the quick dollar. “

(North Shore Client)
“Thanks for looking after me in my time of need”

(Christchurch Candidate)
“Good evening. Just want to say thank you for the job opportunity. Was so nice to see our first full weeks’ pay”

(North Shore Candidate)
“I am really convinced to have a chance to work for a company like yours. I am very fortunate to work for you and am proud that I am working for your company.”

(North Shore Candidate)
“I am thankful for the wonderful service that Advanced Personnel has provided me. I have only been in Christchurch for 9 months now and through Advanced Personnel I was able to get a job. I am grateful for assistance whenever I have queries and the help provided. I will never forget what Advanced Personnel has done for me in terms of getting a job in New Zealand.”

(International Candidate)